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Reasons to Dislike Cold Calling Services

November 10, 2011 in Client Acquisition, Lead Generation, Sales

At echogravity, we sat down and came up with 7 glaring reasons to dislike cold calling lead generation services. What’s ironic is that there are a few of us that grew up in the sales world where cold calling was the only way to get new business. We believed in it then, but now subscribe to a different way of thinking. Business evolves, and cold calling lead gen has clearly run its course.

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Does Outsourcing Lead Generation Cold Calling Really Work?

March 24, 2011 in Lead Generation

As a long time sales guy that made a decent living cold calling and pursuing new business, I have been known to air on the side of outbound dialing as a means of building my book of business. There is no question that the rules have changed, and getting people on the phones these days is nearly impossible.

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