Reasons to Dislike Cold Calling Services


Every day, we talk to companies about how they build awareness and generate leads through various channels. And on a quite regular basis, we encounter companies that utilize cold calling services as part of their lead generation efforts. We believe in using all methods to drive new activity that will increase the size of the funnel. There is value in cold calling as some prospects will ultimately answer their phone, or return a message. However, we dislike these services and have a few valid reasons as to why we not on board with this age-old strategy. Because it is a fact that people are not answering their phone as much as they used to, getting in front of prospects requires new tactics that will engage their interest.

At echogravity, we sat down and came up with 7 glaring reasons to dislike cold calling lead generation services. What’s ironic is that there are a few of us that grew up in the sales world where cold calling was the only way to get new business. We believed in it then, but now subscribe to a different way of thinking. Business evolves, and cold calling lead gen has clearly run its course.