Why echogravity

because we’re obsessed with marketing

(and we’re doing it all for the cost of just one full-time employee)


We’re a team that prides ourselves on being eager to listen, quick to learn, and hungry to unleash our creative genius. We’re a team glued together with trust and intention. And we’re here to take a seat at your table and make marketing happen.


Founded in 2011, echogravity is a close-knit group of passionate marketers hailing from all corners of the U.S. Many of us have staffing experience in our back pockets, and we’re excited to bring it all together to get you results.

Let’s Meet the team

Katie Finnegan Barker
Performance Marketing Manager

Braving -30° winter nights is worth it to Katie to call the Adirondack Mountains home, where she’s surrounded by 46 high peaks and 3,000 lakes

Meet Katie
James Walsh
Senior Content Marketing Manager

A wealth of knowledge, James's not-so-hidden hidden talent is remembering trivial facts and sharing them.

Meet James
Clare VanderWeele
Vice President of Marketing Operations

Clare is always fully booked, as in she’s usually reading at least three books at a time and slowly stacking up library fines.

Meet Clare
Miriam Micu
Brand Manager

If Miriam was stranded on a desert island and could only bring three books, she’d stay true to her inquisitive and determined nature by bringing something practical like, “Wilderness Survival for Dummies,” something motivational like “Becoming,” by Michelle Obama, and an entertaining novel such as “Dune,” by Frank Herbert.

Meet Miriam
Phillip Duong
Marketing Technology Specialist

An adventurer at heart, Phillip’s dream vacation would be backpacking through Europe!

Meet Phillip
Soledad “Sol” Di Paola
Creative Manager

The toughest contender in echogravity’s annual Steps Challenge, Sol loves staying active in the gym. She also likes to explore the never ending new restaurants and bars around the vibrant Miami.

Meet Sol
Addie Winkelman
Content Marketing Manager

Addie’s perfect breakfast POV: she’s at Waffle House and orders a chocolate chip waffle with a side of covered hash browns. The floor is sticky, the cooks are yelling at each other, and the server calls her “honey.” All is right in the world.

Meet Addie
Kevin O’Brien
Partner and Co-Founder

Two truths and a lie: At 5 years old, Kevin wanted to be a DJ when he grew up, he has a twin, and he listens to Baroque-period classical music.

Meet Kevin
Brian Jameson
Partner and Co-Founder

Walking up to bat to 311’s Beautiful Disaster, Brian Jameson! Just kidding. Even though he didn’t grow up to be the MLB player of his 5-year-old dreams, Brian hits homeruns for echogravity every day.

Meet Brian
Chad Huston
Multimedia Manager

The hills are alive with the sound of music! And it’s all coming from our one-man-band, Chad.

Meet Chad
Jeff Jones
Content Marking Manager

Jeff is a talented singer and saxophonist— our very own Duke Silver.

Meet Jeff
Emily Liu
Content Marketing Manager

Emily never soup-presses her creativity when it comes to food. She’s a big fan of going out for hot pot with her loved ones, as it turns a meal into a bonding activity (dessert afterwards is non-negotiable).

Meet Emily

In Our Clients

own words

For years, we’ve relied on our partnership with echogravity for exceptional marketing strategy and execution. They are a true team of professionals. -  Mike - Cofounder and VP, Contract Service & Operations, EdgeLink

Blue Ocean Contact Centers
echogravity’s commitment to strategic partnership is second to none. -  Amy - Director of Communications, Blue Ocean Contact Centers

Marketing for our account managers is both time consuming and confusing. echogravity has done a fantastic job of designing and implementing an email marketing campaign, including useful and relevant information for our clients and candidates. As a result, our brand is consistently in front of our clients and prospects, creating both dialogue and interest. Our account managers especially have loved this as it frees up more of their time to meet with customers and focus on solutions. Overall, a huge time saver and efficient and consistent way to stay in front of our customers. -  Steve - President, KORE1

Tricom Technical Services
We love working with echogravity. They’re a team of great people who are experts at zeroing in on the most important elements of our marketing strategy. - Matt, CEO, Tricom Technical Services

ABR Employment Services + Kinsa Group
The entire team at echogravity has been fabulous to work with. - Leslie, Vice President of Operations, ABR Employment Services + Kinsa Group

Contact 1, Inc.
Our partnership with echogravity has been so helpful and positive. The entire team is a pleasure to work with. - Donna , President, Contact 1, Inc.

w3r Consulting
The echogravity team is attentive, creative, and tremendously responsive. - Keith , Executive Vice President, w3r Consulting

Atlas Staffing
I have had a great experience working with Kevin, Lisa, and the rest of the team! They are very helpful and quick to respond to any questions, comments, or concerns. -  Karli , Executive Assistant, Atlas Staffing

Blue Ocean Contact Centers
echogravity acts as a true strategic partner to our business. They provide hands-on leadership and subject matter expertise based on their intimate knowledge of our business. Whether it is in creating awareness of our brand and services or in attracting great candidates to join our team, they know how best to position us in the marketplace. As an integral member of our organization, they represent an important component of our current and future success. -  Mike - Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Blue Ocean Contact Centers

Synergy Solutions
The echogravity team is very responsive and professional in everything we ask them to do.” -  Mike Harrington , President, Synergy Solutions/GMS

Party Staff
The echogravity team is very responsive and flexible to our needs. -  Brian Lillie , President, Party Staff

Party Staff
The echogravity team is so easy to work with. I can simply present an idea, and they craft it into the exact message I want to send to my clients, prospects, and staff. -  Bill Horttor, Vice President of Business Development, Party Staff

Especially on social media initiatives, the echogravity team goes above and beyond for our company. -  Sonya, iSphere

Smart Resources, Inc.
Especially on social media initiatives, the echogravity team goes above and beyond for our company. -  Beth - Principal, Smart Resources, Inc.

Smart Resources, Inc.
echogravity worked diligently to understand our business and brand voice, effectively tailoring marketing services to us and our audience. -  Richard - Principal, Smart Resources, Inc.

Acadian Seaplants
The echogravity team always provides us with timely follow-up and regular communication. We’re consistently impressed with the research and time they put into our blogs. -  Holly - Brand Strategist, Acadian Seaplants

MindSpring Partners
For us, echogravity is an amazing partner and resource. They are knowledgeable about our industry and provide us with invaluable insights. -  Gavin - Managing Principal, MindSpring Partners

Slayton Search Partners
echogravity’s collective effort has produced such a beautiful website - beautiful in form and in function. And on my end, it was easy. On the “Never let the client see you sweat” scale, they scored a perfect ten. And after the months of work that went into this, the cutover was a breeze. And that’s the true sign of a job extremely well done. Each one of them brings exceptional professionalism to the table and backs that up with excellence in executing their individual crafts. What a powerful equation. And on top of that, they all are just so much fun to work with. -  Kathryn - Marketing Manager, Slayton Search Partners

CoSourcing Partners
echogravity has its finger on the pulse of the staffing market in terms of marketing, strategy, planning, technology, and dependability. We have found the team at echogravity to be unfailingly professional, competent, and a pleasure to do business with. - Scott - Managing Director, CoSourcing Partners

We believe in

win-win partnerships

Our team is eager to work with staffing firms who...

  • value a marketing agency that specializes in staffing and recruiting

  • need to attract and engage their candidate and/or client audience

  • want to tell their unique story (but aren’t sure how to tell it)

  • crave a true partnership, not just another vendor (p.s. echogravity doesn't use 3rd parties or freelancers)

  • believe in marketing's role to support sales and recruiting teams

Is this you?

Let’s get the conversation started on how we can impact your staffing firm.