Staffing Industry Salaries and Compensation


The post-pandemic hopes for a revival of the Roaring Twenties have dissipated rapidly as the U.S. economy faces challenges such as inflation, recession talks, layoffs, downsizing, and foreign conflicts. Additionally, the staffing industry’s growing pains, talent scarcity, and advancing technologies have thrown many leaders and professionals for a loop as well. Firms are now under immense pressure to innovate to keep pace with talent demand and ensure their future success.

To help firm leaders and recruitment professionals navigate all this uncertainty, our team at echogravity conducted a thorough analysis of the most recently published reports and publicly available data surrounding staffing and recruiting.

This salary guide includes information on expected starting salaries and employment patterns for recruitment agencies. We also delve into the staffing industry’s current state and assess how external factors and geopolitical events will impact the U.S. economy in 2023 and beyond.

For professionals, this information means securing a job and compensation that corresponds to your skills and expertise. For leaders and hiring managers, this guide offers clarity and confidence that you’re making competitive job offers. In either case, this guide has the insight you need to advance in the talent acquisition marketplace.



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