Author: echogravitydev

Top 10 Painful Reasons to Embrace Inbound Marketing

March 31, 2011 in Inbound Marketing

Have you embraced Inbound Marketing yet? In other words, do you do things like write a lot of unique content, post blog articles, engage prospective customers over social media, and optimize your site and all your content for search engines? If you do all that stuff, then this post is not for you. You already “get it”.

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5 Basic Steps to Organic SEO

March 28, 2011 in SEO

Here are 5 basic steps to SEO if you haven’t done these already. These 5 steps are the minor building blocks required in order to start being found by your prospects and new customers.

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Does Outsourcing Lead Generation Cold Calling Really Work?

March 24, 2011 in Lead Generation

As a long time sales guy that made a decent living cold calling and pursuing new business, I have been known to air on the side of outbound dialing as a means of building my book of business. There is no question that the rules have changed, and getting people on the phones these days is nearly impossible.

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