Top 10 Painful Reasons to Embrace Inbound Marketing


Have you embraced Inbound Marketing yet? In other words, do you do things like write a lot of unique content, post blog articles, engage prospective customers over social media, and optimize your site and all your content for search engines? If you do all that stuff, then this post is not for you. You already “get it”.

However, if you do NOT do those things, you are missing out on opportunities to build awareness, generate leads, and sign up new customers.  Most CEOs, business owners, and Heads of Sales and Marketing would surely welcome any activities that fatten the sales funnel.  Inbound Marketing is a traditional-sales-and-marketing’s best friend to help create buzz around your brand, develop new opportunities and push existing deals to “Won/Closed” status. If you face business challenges that resonate with any of the following top 10 reasons then it’s time to start implementing Inbound Marketing programs.