Top 20 Healthcare Staffing Websites


At echogravity, we spend a lot of time looking at websites, especially the websites of companies in the staffing and recruiting industry. In the past, we’ve used our web expertise to share top staffing websites. This year, given the continued growth in and demand for healthcare staffing services, we thought it would be interesting to focus our review on the healthcare staffing websites that stand out from the crowd.

With a rising geriatric population, continued increase in the number of insured, and a shortage of qualified healthcare professionals, the healthcare staffing market is expected to reach a value of $43.6 billion by 2025. A great website is critical for healthcare and medical staffing companies to connect with potential clients and candidates and maximize their impact in this growing field.

In our review of healthcare staffing websites, we based our evaluations on a wide range of categories including:

  • Overall site design and appeal for clients and candidates
  • Ease of navigation
  • Website engagement through calls to action
  • Clear value propositions
  • Content/blog activity on relevant topics
  • Thought leadership


In total, we analyzed the websites of 140 companies in the healthcare staffing and recruiting industry to create our shortlist. Below, in alphabetical order, are the 20 companies and websites we thought deserved a special shout-out.


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  1. Atlas MedStaff

Omaha-based Atlas MedStaff has a well-designed site that’s easy to navigate with an active, candidate focused blog.


  1. Axis Medical Staffing

A bold landing page, fun design, and clear value propositions help Axis Medical Staffing distinguish their site from the rest.


  1. Aya Healthcare

A colorful design, great visuals and engaging elements like the interactive U.S. map help Aya Healthcare highlight their staffing services.


  1. CHG Healthcare

People focused CHG Healthcare provides clients and candidates an elegant landing page and a site that’s easy to navigate.


  1. Emerald Health Services

An informative video introduces you to this clean, well-designed site featuring testimonials and easy access to job search pages.


  1. Fusion Medical Staffing

Beginning with a video story that keeps you hooked, Fusion’s simple yet beautiful site inspires confidence in the company behind it.


  1. HealthTrust Workforce Solutions

With a clean design that’s easy to navigate and a creative menu of healthcare jobs, HealthTrust offers a candidate focused website experience.



Simple colors and a more traditional layout allow this site to focus on its calls to action and engaging LocumTenens client and candidate audiences.


  1. MAS Medical Staffing

Clear value propositions and an easy-to-navigate site help MAS Medical Staffing reach the right audience.


  1. Mediscan Staffing Services

Featuring fun, illustrative details, this website provides all the information Mediscan partners need with navigable menus and clear call-to-action options.


  1. Medstaff National Medical Staffing

A bright color choice helps highlight Medstaff’s client and candidate services, and the homepage video offers an engaging introduction to North Carolina based company.


  1. Onestaff Medical

One of the most unique sites on our list, Onestaff lets its brand identity shine throughout their website with a bold, bright style and engaging elements.


  1. PPR Travel Nursing

Cool colors, a clean design, and strong value propositions help this travel nursing company’s site speak to their customers. An active blog is a great bonus.


  1. PsychPros, Inc.

A strong opening image and clear calls-to-action allow this simple site to shine.


  1. Sunbelt Staffing

A clean and colorful site offering value to candidates by focusing on job openings and staffing options.


  1. Supplement Health Care

Appealing homepage videos and a strong value proposition statement supported by a focus on blogs and testimonials make this site a standout.


  1. TotalMed Healthcare Staffing

Compelling images and a video testimonial, plus homepage options that make site navigation simple allow this Wisconsin based company to reach the right audience.


  1. Travel Nurse Across America

A simple, effective site with cute details, a great tagline and an active blog.


  1. Triage Healthcare Staffing

Nice images, clear value propositions and easy navigate elements help this site speak to its audience.


  1. Valley Healthcare Staffing

A consistent color and design give this site a strong brand identity, plus clear calls-to-action engage clients and candidates.

Ultimately, a great website is one that fits your brand, engages your audience, and inspires visitors on your site to act. That is what these 20 healthcare staffing websites offer.

What about your website? At echogravity, we get to know your business and your audience, and we use our expertise to create an amazing website.

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