This Holiday Season, Don’t Be Like Joe


Joe made a bet that he could bring in three new clients before the end of the year. He reached out to his local community and didn’t find any interest. Joe then reached into his personal and professional networks, he got referred to a few people in his space, but nobody was ready to buy. Finally he resorted to the old ‘smile and dial’ technique. He cold called, cold emailed, and spent thousands of dollars attending conferences and networking events. In the end he was left with dead leads and stacks of uncalled business cards. Joe lost the bet, and got stuck wearing the reindeer head at his office Christmas party.

Joe did just about everything he could to find new clients, but he didn’t utilize inbound marketing (using his company website as a marketing channel to attract clients).

Inbound marketing has two key advantages over Joe’s traditional attempts to get new clients:

1. Larger audience: Part of the inbound marketing process is to boost website ranking, resulting in more website traffic. This broadens’ Joe reach to more than his local community and his networks combined.

2. Less searching, more leads: With inbound marketing, Joe’s audience is anyone who has access to the internet, and interested clients would be looking for Joe, not the other way around. This saves time and money because Joe is now spending more time building relationships with interested prospects, instead of making cold calls and talking to people who have no intention to buy.

Joe could have been enjoying a nice year-end bonus if he’d won his bet. So this holiday season, let the leads come to you, and don’t end up like Joe.

Happy holidays!