Santa De-stresses with Inbound Marketing


Every holiday season we work tirelessly to deliver gifts on time across the world. Normally, it takes quite a toll on us both mentally and physically, but not this year thanks to inbound marketing!

For the first time in decades, we went sledding last week with a bunch of friends. You’d be surprised, the big red suit doesn’t hold up so well tumbling down snowy hills. After a long day, we huddled by the fireplace and discussed the value of marketing. We realized that most people agree it’s important, but they don’t have enough time to fully address it. In order to ease the Holiday stress, we picked up three basic inbound marketing techniques that made a world of difference this holiday season.

1) Increase Website Traffic

We began using Google Analytics to track web site visits, engaged visitors, unique page views, search traffic, and campaign traffic. Even though our reputation is wonderful, our target audience couldn’t find us. So we revamped our web site, and optimized it for search engines in order to get found.

2) Create Engaging Content

You’ve probably heard many enchanting stories of St. Nicholas, and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. But children want more than stories. They want the real Santa. That’s why we created a blog where we could interact with our target audience (children around the world). Our fans often submit questions about their Christmas presents, and other holiday topics through email.

3) Establish Social Media Presence

We aren’t social media gurus by any stretch of the imagination.  As soon as we learned our target market preferred interacting on such channels, we were sold. As a result, we launched social media campaigns on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. These platforms are an excellent way to promote our blog’s content, and field questions from Santa’s followers and most importantly spread Christmas cheer!

Happy Holidays