How Staffing Firms Can Turn Marketing Spend into Marketing ROI


There’s no need to sugarcoat things: staffing and recruiting firms face a challenging market. Fewer placements, stagnating revenue, rising expenses, and reductions in your workforce. If maximizing your marketing ROI is a priority in the best of times, in this staffing and recruiting market it’s table stakes. 

But in an effort to make up for soft demand, some firms are going so far as to cut marketing budgets due to lower revenue numbers. This, in my view, is a mistake. 

Because while times are tough right now, eventually the market’s going to correct. Things change fast. Remember just two short years ago, staffing requirements were flowing in and fee agreements were easier to obtain – things were booming. If you wait to invest in marketing until the market’s hot again, you’ll already be too late.

On the other hand, if you strategically deploy marketing dollars now, you’ll be well positioned in the marketplace when the ice breaks and budgets unfreeze. 

In a challenging market, the trick is to control spend, but not eliminate it entirely. To do that, you need to identify and prioritize the marketing activities that deliver the best return on investment  (ROI). The goal of this guide is to help you do just that. 

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  • Why Eyeballs Are Part of Your Marketing ROI: Understand the importance of brand awareness and how it sets the stage for future sales.
  • Setting Realistic Goals and Benchmarks: Learn how to establish achievable goals and the right benchmarks to measure your marketing success.
  • Aligning Your Spend with Ambitions: Discover how to align your marketing spend with your business goals and expectations.
  • Building a Marketing Infrastructure: Get insights into creating a robust marketing infrastructure that supports future growth.

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