SugarCRM And Inbound Marketing


Connecting SugarCRM With Your Inbound Marketing Channels

As inbound marketing channels develop and leads start rolling in, each connection is important. With so many marketing channels, though, it can be easy to lose track of lead sources and lead history. Thanks to SugarCRM, echogravity has been able to manage leads efficiently while maximizing opportunities; and we’d like to share some of that knowledge.

Social Media

Many companies have built a presence on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other popular social media sites. These sites are a great source for inbound marketing opportunities. If organized correctly, social media can assist in directing lead traffic from a company’s blog or website (via social media), where visitors can convert to a lead by filling out contact forms that will be automatically imported into SugarCRM.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a key input for an effective inbound marketing strategy. Socializing  content through various channels is a great way to help generate interested leads. Visitor traffic to landing pages is a great way to convert a captive audience into a SugarCRM lead.  No matter the avenue, SugarCRM is an outstanding way to organize content marketing leads.

Website Forms

SugarCRM Web-to-Lead Forms are one of the greatest assets when utilizing SugarCRM for inbound marketing. These easy-to-use and fully customizable forms allow companies to chose what information they want to request from visitors. If set up correctly, lead information is automatically imported into SugarCRM for sales follow up.

Easy, fast, and simple. Important words for a busy company.

Learn More!

This is just a brief overview of how to import leads and information by utilizing SugarCRM with an inbound marketing strategy. More tips and tricks, as well as follow-up tactics can be gleaned from our upcoming webinar on SugarCRM and Inbound Marketing. Sign up today!