4 Ways to Optimize DiscoverOrg data for IT Staffing Marketing


At the Techserve Alliance conference in November, Henry Schuck, DiscoverOrg’s CEO, informed the attendee audience that DiscoverOrg has over 175 clients just in the IT Staffing Space. That’s a significant number of companies (and growing daily) that use their data services for identifying and locating key information about IT executives and other IT Staffing buyers.

In case you’re not familiar with DiscoverOrg, they provide sales and marketing intelligence by way of detailed contact information and company organization charts. Their service also gathers pertinent data around leads and project trends at various organizations throughout North America.

DiscoverOrg is truly a great resource that has become a must-have for IT Staffing organizations that are seeking to open new accounts while effectively maintaining their current book of business.

But with a wealth of data such as that offered by DiscoverOrg, there is the inevitable challenge of understanding how to improve the overall consumption of this data in your business. Consequently, many companies struggle to establish a strategy that maximizes the ROI on this tool. DiscoverOrg data does come with a moderate sticker price, but it’s a cost that can be strongly justified when the platform is used efficiently.

At echogravity, what we typically find is that most companies that implement the DiscoverOrg solution often lack a sound strategy or policy for the sales team to follow. The lack of direction, in turn, decreases the opportunity to capitalize on the investment.

We usually see salespeople utilize the data in the following ways:

  1. Dig further for information on current accounts and prospects
  2. Discover a few new managers or directors to call, verifying titles and responsibilities
  3. Review target lists while searching for potentially new unidentified buyers

These are minimalist strategies, and a massive 90% of the companies we talk to use DiscoverOrg data in this way, simply filling in the org chart blanks and finding specific contact information of targeted individuals.

But there is so much more:

Direct Prospecting to like buyers

Most IT Staffing companies deliver a similar suite of services: contract, contract to hire, and direct placement of IT professionals. However, beyond this simple breakdown, many IT staffing firms have specialties across the technology stack in which they thrive: Application Development, Infrastructure, Data, Mobile and other various sub-categories.

With this in mind, a company can go beyond the same old pitch that every decision maker hears and create a focused message that targets the specific technical skills (data) rather than the mode of delivery (contract).

With DiscoverOrg, you have the option of finding specific buyer types, based on category, who may be more open to your pitch because of your expertise in a specific area of the technology stack. Next time you turn to DiscoverOrg for new contacts, filter your search by title and geographical area, and then send a direct message to the identified contacts, pitching your specialties instead of your general services. This is an easy way to open a new account without a whole lot of extra effort.

Complete Large Account Planning for Key Accounts

Are your reps documenting Large Account Plans in order to strategize around key accounts? In most IT Staffing companies, the answer is no. With the advent of VMS programs, Large Account Planning has taken a back seat to focusing on how these large organizations currently buy IT Staffing services. However, mid-market companies are ripe for Large Account Planning, especially if their IT and business departments have multiple points of entry.

With DiscoverOrg, you can instantly build out an organizational chart that previously would have taken months to pull together. While most sales reps pick and choose their targeted buyers in any given organization, DiscoverOrg provides valuable information that will give your reps a distinct competitive advantage across the account if a Large Account Plan is developed and executed.

Build out New Prospecting Territories

How do you currently build your target account list? Typically, IT Staffing reps build a list based on their experience in a given territory, previous tenure at another staffing firm, leads from recruiters, or information gathered from contractor resumes. This process takes time and effort.

However, with DiscoverOrg, you can uncover data that may otherwise remain unknown to your organization. Top sales organizations never stop prospecting. It logically follows that growth is directly correlated with a continual expansion of the available sales territory. What quicker way is there than running a quick search on DiscoverOrg to identify and immediately contact 20 new targets?

Integrate DiscoverOrg Data with a Marketing Automation Tool

We know that investing in marketing automation is not often a first priority (first place goes to the ATS and job boards). However, if your company is trying to increase its top line through sales growth, we highly recommend picking up a marketing automation tool to manage touch points with prospect clients and candidates, while also keeping tabs on website analytics.

DiscoverOrg integrates with many marketing automation tools, which can provide detailed insight on when specific prospects are visiting your site, which pages they are viewing, how long they spend checking you out, and more. This insight gives you the advantage of delivering more relevant and valuable follow up with these prospective leads. In this scenario, it’s easy to see how using DiscoverOrg and a marketing automation platform in tandem can exponentially increase your return on lead generation investment.

DiscoverOrg data has quickly become a staple product in IT Staffing and Services companies. For most companies that are looking to increase their sales and territory footprints, the DiscoverOrg platform is one quick way to find the decision makers and buyers of your service. However, if you want to maximize the potential of the data, be sure to take advantage of the marketing opportunities available to you.

If you’d like to hear more about how you can reach more contacts in your territories and markets, contact us for more information.

To learn more about DiscoverOrg, go to www.discoverorg.com.