7 Ways to Market Your Staffing Industry Award


If you’re a staffing company in the current labor market, you’ve experienced the increasing pressure to find top talent for your clients. And attracting new clients relies heavily on your ability to attract that top talent. In this challenging predicament, the key to success is showcasing a clear differentiator that sets you apart from the rest of the crowded staffing industry.

An industry award is a sure sign your company is doing something right. In the staffing industry, an award like Inavero’s “Best of Staffing” award or Staffing Industry Analyst’s “Best Staffing Firms to Work for” means your clients, consultants and employees love working with you. But beyond the press release, website badge and burst of pride, how can you put the good press to work for a full year until next year’s award?

Here are a few of our ideas for how to market your staffing award:

1. Internally

  • First and foremost, don’t forget to make a big announcement about the award to all your employees. Get them excited about winning and energized to share the news.
  • Your employees have worked hard to help your organization win this recognition, so it’s a great idea to reward them with a fun outing or a catered office lunch.
  • Work the award into your internal hiring strategy. Include it in job advertisements, on your careers page, and in any brochures or flyers you use to attract potential employees. Who doesn’t want to work for the best?

2. News Updates

  • Most organizations like Inavero or Staffing Industry Analysts will have a prepared press release for you; make sure you receive it.
  • Publish the press release via a syndication channel such as PR Web, which will share your news to all relevant media.

3. Email

  • Send an email to your clients and consultants announcing the recognition and thanking them for all their great feedback .
  • Add the award logo to your email signature so recipients throughout the year will continue see it.

4. Social Media

  • Share the press release on social media and encourage your employees to like and share on their own accounts.
  • Share the award badge or logo on social media – images like these are usually eye-catching and will gain a lot of engagement.
  • Thank organizations for the honor via social media.
  • Post photos of your team celebrating the win – social media is about showing your “human” and personable side!

5. Blog

  • Write and publish a blog post about the award, sharing photos from any outings or celebrations with your team
  • Have a team member author a blog post about their personal experience of working for your company and why they are proud of this award.

6. Video

  • Create a short, informal video of your internal announcement to your employees to capturing their excitement, and share on social media.
  • Create a more formal video about why you are a Best of Staffing company. Post it on YouTube and embed it on your careers page.

7. Website

  • Add the award badge to your website – on the homepage, in sidebars, in the footer for increased exposure.
  • Create a dedicated webpage that showcases your awards and accolades.
  • Scatter some short testimonials throughout your website (many of these awards were awarded based on specific feedback from your clients, so get permission to use these quotes!).

Bonus: Swag

  • Have fun promotional products made up around being “The Best” such as stress balls, t-shirts, and more!

These are just a few of our ideas for marketing your staffing award. Awards like these are an excellent way to showcase your track record of success, making you stand out from hundreds of other staffing firms in the industry.

At echogravity, we’re so excited about our clients who have won these awards, and we work diligently to get the word out for them. Need a hand with marketing your staffing award? Contact us today!