Utilizing MaxHire in the Current Business Climate


A number of our clients use MaxHire, or are in the process of acquiring MaxHire for their applicant tracking system. No question, MaxHire is furthering its reach in this space, anchoring their ATS Market Share  dominance among IT Staffing and Services firms as the ATS of choice. However, as firms fill the gap in their needs to manage candidate workflow, there is a lurking opportunity that we have yet to see exploited by users of MaxHire.

Part of the dilemma stems from the premise that most IT Staffing companies are stretched thin these days with recruiting power, especially since the demand for IT resources has surged this past year. Recruiters can’t move fast enough to fill open requirements. The primary focus across our clients and network in this space is to expand the depth of recruiting and hit untapped talent pools. Clearly, the push is to uncover and land the top resources to fill the growing list of open positions. But, as 2012 comes to and end, a small window of time opens up for IT Staffing Firms to step back and analyze the opportunity at hand. Believe it or not, there is a great deal of fortune right in front of our nose.

MaxHire was built to manage candidate workflow, with sales and marketing as an afterthought. A great majority of our clients use MaxHire solely for recruiting and candidate tracking. However, as the market continues to stay hot and demand for resources rise, target accounts looking to hire will be more open to adding new vendors to their list; as their current group of vendors fail to provide high quality resumes. We are in a tremendous selling environment and the conditions are ripe for opening new accounts and landing anchor business.

Think about it this way- we consistently hear sales reps complaining about recruiting not finding candidates for their open requirements. If this is a consistent issue, then it is very likely that your target accounts are not getting the resumes and candidates they seek. A BDM who is out regularly hunting new business will likely happen across conversations with IT hiring managers that sound like this: “tell you what…if you can find me 2 Java developers that fit what I am looking for, I’ll give you a shot”. When I was selling in the late 90’s, this was a frequent discussion I had with a number of companies. The result of those conversations led to multiple multi-million dollar clients. The door is opening wide for IT Staffing firms that grab opportunity now; and MaxHire is a marketing and sales weapon that is at your disposal.

So, how do we maximize this great opportunity? Well, start digging into the functionality that MaxHire offers from the sales and marketing perspective. At times, the process can seem a little clunky, but the features and functionality exist for your sales team to thrive as 2013 kicks off. MaxHire’s support is world-class and available on a moment’s notice if you need a lending hand.

Stay tuned for my next article which talks in detail about using MaxHire for sales and marketing: “MaxHire’s Secret Weapon Sales and Marketing”. However, as we approach Halloween, you may want to read a few of our pieces about assessing your sales team and how some of these creatures can be quite scary!

Image courtesy of [Suat Eman] / FreeDigitalPhotos.net