Prospecting Goofs that your Sales Team Should Avoid


Selling is a very difficult career and that’s why top sales reps make the big bucks; especially those that are able to continually and effectively prospect. Top sales pro’s are avid hunters. They do not stop. They continue to open new doors and are always hungry for more.

Landing new business is a non-stop affair that we see as a significant challenge with nearly every company we talk to. New logo acquisition is always near the top of the priority list of companies in our target markets. And over the years, we’ve gotten insight into what tactics are being used and whether they are successful or not-so-successful. We’ve witnessed countless pitches and sales tactics used by sales professionals to open new doors.

We usually like to talk about what works, but in this case, we decided to talk about what not to do when looking to get new clients. To see what we consider the top Sales Prospecting Mistakes, download our newest slide deck and see if your sales team is practicing any of these goofs.

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