MaxHire’s Secret Weapon: Sales and Marketing


The other week, we wrote an article about “Utilizing MaxHire in the Current Business Climate” and how the Applicant Tracking System can be used strategically for sales and marketing. In this week’s article, we’re going to uncover some of the key points in how your sales team can exploit opportunities to capture new sales and new clients through MaxHire features typically untouched.

For starters, it’s important to realize that there are a few things you need to do up front to receive the sales benefits of MaxHire’s capabilities. Just being aware of these features isn’t going to do the trick. Taking advantage of the features requires some up front heavy lifting, specifically on the content marketing side. If you aren’t blogging, writing papers, creating landing pages, or emailing content, you should be. These days, companies and decision makers are checking you out on line, real time, so that they know exactly who you are before they even consider buying. They want to know if your company is viable, if you understand their market, and what makes your company different than the rest of the crowd. Generating intelligent and focused content is key to getting this message across so that MaxHire can capture the leads.

  • It is a known fact that most companies do NOT use this FREE service included with each MaxHire subscription. provides information on your target market and your current clients. Assuming that your sales strategy includes named accounts for each of your reps, sales managers should be importing the perceived decision makers into MaxHire and assigning the contacts to a particular rep. According to MaxHire Pricing, the front office edition includes Hoovers company research and the (Jigsaw) contacts database for all users.
  • StreamSend and Email Marketing. There is an email marketing tool tightly integrated with MaxHire called StreamSend. The opportunity here lies in the integration features, specifically in list building and contact segmentation. As you build your content and look for opportunities to share, list building can be created easily from MaxHire into Streamsend. Once you have lists segmented into Streamsend, you can automate email marketing to your contacts, sending them white papers, links to landing pages, and much more.
  • MaxHire Contact Activity Updates. The next step in the email marketing plan is to update the contact email marketing blast activity and responses. By navigating the Email Marketing Menu on the top right part of the MaxHire window, you can update the marketing blast activity and subscriber list with one click. You also have the ability to capture email marketing response activity and download information from specific contacts if your web site has been integrated for calls to action notification.
  • Bonus TIP! If you want to go one step further in tracking and web site monitoring, we recommend using a lead scoring tool for watching exactly who comes to your web site, what pages they click and how long they stay there. There are several tools available that give you a detailed view of web site traffic and visitor activity. These tools can be costly, but can provide an insight for your sales reps as to what your target contacts are doing once they reach your web site. Taking these notifications and integrating them into MaxHire through Outlook will give you  deep traffic intelligence, which is highly valuable. You can talk to us directly to get examples of lead scoring reports and how to integrate this into your sales process with MaxHire.

MaxHire can be a very powerful tool for sales and marketing if used to its potential. If you are a MaxHire user and do not take advantage of these options, contact us to see how it works. We’d be happy to show you how to make marketing with MaxHire a regular activity as part of your lead generation strategy.