IT Staffing and Services Marketing in 2013


The digital presence of IT Staffing companies continues to lag the market when comparing social media, web site functionality, SEO and general company awareness against companies in similar spaces. Staffing and services companies are still primarily focused in the trenches when attempting to make contact with client prospects and new recruits, utilizing ground game tactics like cold calling and job board surfing.  But we all know that connecting with your audience is becoming a much more difficult task when looking to increase attention to your brand. So, where does that leave your business when looking to expand your awareness into your target market? Are the old tactics still working effectively in a silo, or is it time to start thinking about building out a marketing strategy to help get more eyeballs on your logo, web site and thought leadership?

If you haven’t done so already, it’s time to review your marketing strategy and budget for 2013. We’ve created a checklist that IT Staffing and Services companies should review when looking to determine the level of activity required to effectively implement a marketing strategy.

This free worksheet is a great starting point for assessing:

  • How to expand your presence in your target market.
  • What time allotment could be spent on each item.
  • Which activities are more important to each of your audiences.

Download the worksheet and leave a comment letting us know what you think.