IT Recruiter Evaluation: recruiter or RECRUITER?


When a company goes through an IT Recruiter evaluation process, there are a number of skills that managers look for. The typical skill assessment relates to ATS experience, job board usage, internet search capabilities, closing skills, and other personality traits that get your recruiters connected to the candidate pool. However, in this funny economy (high unemployment rate overall/low in IT), it’s important to sit down and reassess the skills of the team against what your organization needs in order to grow. Let’s face it, the current IT Staffing and Services environment is ripe for growth…if you have the team that will execute on the needs of the clients.

We’ve put together a checklist that executives can use to evaluate IT Recruiters. It can also be used as a self-assessment tool or a guide for identifying training needs to get your team to the next level. If anything, it will tell you where the team excels and where the team needs a little push.

Download it here for free:IT Recruiter Assessment. And once you’ve had a chance to take a look at the checklist, we advise that you read another article called Top 10 Signs that you’ve Hired a Great Recruiter.

Download your free checklist now!

IT Recruiter Checklist
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