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echogravity 2013 Top Website List Press Release

echogravity 2013 Top Website List Press Release Template

Congratulations! Your company has been recognized for your website and digital presence in echogravity’s 2013 list. If you received our email about your company listing, we’ve provided a template that you can use to post your success.

The template is available here: PRESS RELEASE TEMPLATE.

If you need any assistance in posting or writing this press release, let us know. Be sure to inform us that you’ve posted the press release so that we can help share the news across our social media channels.

Also, as a winner of this year’s website evaluation, we’re giving away our new Sales Expectation Matrix not yet offered to the public. This document has been successfully used to help structure IT Staffing and Services sales teams for accountability and market penetration across A/B/C accounts. Be sure to download the Sales Expectation Matrix. If you have questions regarding this detailed document, please ask away!

Keep up the great work!