2023 Staffing and Recruiting Industry Salary Guide

Your 2023 Staffing and Recruiting Salary Guide is Here!

Looking to take your staffing and recruiting firm to the next level? Want to ensure that your compensation package is competitive and fair? Look no further than echogravity’s 2023 Staffing and Recruiting Industry Salary Guide!


This guide will provide insights on:

  • The current state of staffing, generally and by industry
  • How heavily economic forces will weigh on your firm
  • Trends in technology, remote work, and contract work
  • Industry challenges we’ve seen and our advice for overcoming them


This comprehensive guide offers in-depth analysis of salary trends and influencing compensation factors across a wide range of roles and experience levels within staffing firms. With data collected from industry associations, government agencies, and our own internal research, our guide provides a broad and credible view of current hiring market conditions.


Whether you’re a recruiter just starting out in the industry or an experienced executive looking to benchmark your compensation package, our guide has something for everyone.

Don’t sit on the sidelines. Download our 2023 Staffing and Recruiting Industry Salary Guide today.