Your Best Marketers Might Not Be on Your Marketing Team


Highly targeted, carefully crafted marketing will always have its value in the staffing industry. Compelling content, persuasive email copy, and engaging social posts are what give your brand its voice, capture the attention of your audience, and drive leads.

However, no matter how many visitors come to your website, how high your open rates are, or how many leads are converted into clients and candidates, the truth is that it’s not enough.

The Internet has become a noisy, crowded place. It’s getting harder to filter good content from poor content. And buyers are getting better at tuning it all out.

So, who are they listening to instead? It turns out, they’re paying attention to other customers.

You know what we’re talking about. When’s the last time you bought something on Amazon without first reading the reviews? This behavior is now ubiquitous across every industry, even in the staffing world.

The heart of the matter is: your most satisfied clients and happiest candidates are your best marketers.

Rethinking Your Marketing Strategy

Sites like Glassdoor are already well-established in catering to this growing trend. Candidates are certainly reading those reviews left by past and current consultants and employees. The quality and accuracy of those reviews make many staffing firms nervous. What other people say about their firm is, essentially, out of their control.

But review sites are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to word-of-mouth marketing. There are plenty of other ways you can use your client and candidate base to help engage more business.

Think case studies, testimonials, interviews and more. Done well, they are often far more effective than your average blog post. While sales collateral and informational blogs are valuable, it’s important to get on a human level and leverage what your networks are already saying about you.

Involving Your Recruiters and Salespeople

We all know what a traditional sales funnel looks like; it typically ends with the sale. But the client and candidate journeys don’t end after a placement has been made. The relationship needs continuous nurturing to turn them into promoters of your firm.

This means getting your recruiters and account managers bought into the strategy. They need to be checking in with their contacts via email, phone call, or LinkedIn on a regular basis. They should be encouraging consultants to leave Glassdoor reviews, asking clients for testimonials, and collaborating with your marketing team to tell great stories.

What’s Holding You Back?

The biggest objection we hear when we talk to staffing firms about getting their clients and consultants involved in the marketing process is the worry that their competitors will poach these companies and individuals. We get it. Revealing who you’re working with comes with its risks. You want to keep your secrets to success safely up your sleeve.

But you can’t get around the fact that in the current marketing climate, people are becoming overwhelmed, impatient, and skeptical. The only time they’re more willing to listen is when it’s their peers doing the talking. But it’s up to you to get them to spread the word. Plus, if your clients and consultants are willing to share their stories, that probably means they’re happy working with you and unlikely to be swayed by your competition.

In the end, your clients, consultants, and candidates might be your best marketers. What are you doing to leverage their voices?


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