Staffing Firm Marketing: The Importance of Lead Nurturing


Most people have heard of the old sales theory that it takes seven touches to turn a lead into a sale. But in this thriving digital age, where buyers have as much if not more control than the salesperson, this perspective is severely outdated.

However, there is a kernel of truth at the center of this philosophy that is not completely obsolete: leads need nurturing before they are 100% sales ready.

Lead nurturing for staffing firms is the key to sustained growth. Clearly not every hiring manager you contact needs to hire someone right away – and not every potential candidate you talk to will be actively looking for a new career – but eventually they will. And it’s up to you to create a brand awareness that will keep you top-of-mind when that need arises.

It’s also where sales and marketing must work closely together to ensure that your goals and objectives are on the same page. Having worked closely with countless staffing companies on their marketing initiatives, we’ve become intimately familiar with which strategies work best when it comes to lead nurturing. These fall into two main categories: online presence and effective communication.

Building a Strong and Effective Online Presence

Once upon a time, salespeople had more control over their leads; buyers didn’t have the Internet at their fingertips to do research before making a large investment, so they relied heavily on the salesperson to give them the details. These days, you’d be fool not to get online and dig up the details before buying.

With that in mind, you need to consider all components of online presence in order to retain the attention of your staffing leads.

  1. A User-Friendly and Well Optimized Website

There are two essential things to keep in mind when assessing web design for staffing firms: First, the human audience – your current and prospective clients and candidates. They need to be able to navigate your site easily in addition to being presented with clear and concise information. Second, your site needs to be optimized for search engines, so that those users can easily find your website in the first place.

  1. LinkedIn Company Pages and Profiles

LinkedIn for staffing companies is a key tool for building an online presence. Its versatile features mean you can establish both your company and your salespeople as leaders in the industry. You can publish thought leadership articles, share valuable insight from industry influencers, participate in groups discussions, and directly contact potential client and candidate leads. Make sure you know the capabilities of LinkedIn inside out.

  1. Other Social Media Networks

After LinkedIn, other social networks can be equally effective in creating a strong online presence too. Make sure your staffing company marketing plan includes Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Glassdoor, and Yelp, as necessary. Each platform has its own valuable features to help establish your place in the industry.

Creating a Consistent Stream of Relevant Communication

Communication might be a process you execute manually or through the use of a marketing automation tool. Either way, consistent high-value “touches” with your staffing leads are the way to get your name known. While a website and social media presence are fundamental to lead nurturing, you need to go the extra mile and actively create high-value conversation with both clients and candidates.

  1. Insightful Content Marketing

We all know deep down that the same old sales emails and calls get old quickly. But when you switch up your strategy to presenting valuable, industry-related information, your leads will begin to learn that you’re truly interested in their business success and growth. Whether in the form of whitepapers, ebooks, blog posts or infographics, content marketing is the way to establish a valuable stream of communication without coming across too “salesy.”

  1. Consistent Email Campaigns

We’re sure you know how it feels to have your inbox inundated with spam and incessant sales emails. All you want is to mass delete everything to reach the elusive Inbox Zero. But some emails do stand apart; they’re the ones that aim to build a relationship by offering interesting, valuable and relevant information without any obvious ulterior motive. Sharing those ebook guides and blog posts you’ve created is a good start.

  1. Valuable Sales & Marketing Collateral

Gone are the days of flimsy tri-folds and cheesy brochures. If we haven’t said it enough, we can say it again: lead nurturing requires high value strategy. Your sales and marketing collateral needs to be high quality and truly establish your company as a key player in the industry. Get clear on your differentiators and industry expertise, and use these pieces once your leads are getting closer to being sales ready.

Ultimately, smart and effective staffing firm marketing is the key step in closing the deal on your staffing leads. Establishing a strong online presence and sustaining consistent communication are the pillars of this strategy. If you need a hand in your lead nurturing and digital marketing efforts, don’t hesitate to give us a call!