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Client: Slayton Search Partners

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Why it’s a good story to tell…

A lot of our marketing effort goes into creating thought leadership pieces for Slayton. The tone and voice is very consistent and high level. When we look at analytics over the years, there are a number of pieces that rank well and continue to get views. We work with their team (Kathryn and the partners) to create content that is timely and will resonate with the targe audiences. We also send those posts and pieces out via email on a consistent basis to lists that are constaltly being updated. Slayton has some of the highest open and click rates among our clients.

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Slayton Search Partners
echogravity’s collective effort has produced such a beautiful website - beautiful in form and in function. And on my end, it was easy. On the “Never let the client see you sweat” scale, they scored a perfect ten. And after the months of work that went into this, the cutover was a breeze. And that’s the true sign of a job extremely well done. Each one of them brings exceptional professionalism to the table and backs that up with excellence in executing their individual crafts. What a powerful equation. And on top of that, they all are just so much fun to work with. -  Kathryn - Marketing Manager, Slayton Search Partners

Meet the team that delivered

Clare VanderWeele
Vice President of Marketing Operations

Clare is always fully booked, as in she’s usually reading at least three books at a time and slowly stacking up library fines.

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Katie Finnegan Barker
Performance Marketing Manager

Braving -30° winter nights is worth it to Katie to call the Adirondack Mountains home, where she’s surrounded by 46 high peaks and 3,000 lakes

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