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Client: Kinsa Group

Key Success

improved candidate experience


Why it’s a good story to tell…

Since at least 80% of staffing website visits are from candidates, the Bullhorn job portal was an area of great importance and focus. The previous solution lacked customizable features and did not give candidates a seamless, fast, and engaging job search experience. In order to provide Kinsa with an attention-grabbing career site, our team implemented the echogravity Jobs WordPress plugin, which fully integrates with the Bullhorn ATS software. With this API integration, Kinsa had access to automated data capture and customer insight technology, allowing them to deliver a user-friendly application experience.

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Meet the team that delivered

Katie Finnegan Barker
Performance Marketing Manager

Braving -30° winter nights is worth it to Katie to call the Adirondack Mountains home, where she’s surrounded by 46 high peaks and 3,000 lakes

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James Walsh
Senior Content Marketing Manager

A wealth of knowledge, James's not-so-hidden hidden talent is remembering trivial facts and sharing them.

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Clare VanderWeele
Vice President of Marketing Operations

Clare is always fully booked, as in she’s usually reading at least three books at a time and slowly stacking up library fines.

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Phillip Duong
Marketing Technology Specialist

An adventurer at heart, Phillip’s dream vacation would be backpacking through Europe!

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Soledad “Sol” Di Paola
Creative Manager

The toughest contender in echogravity’s annual Steps Challenge, Sol loves staying active in the gym. She also likes to explore the never ending new restaurants and bars around the vibrant Miami.

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Addie Winkelman
Content Marketing Manager

Addie’s perfect breakfast POV: she’s at Waffle House and orders a chocolate chip waffle with a side of covered hash browns. The floor is sticky, the cooks are yelling at each other, and the server calls her “honey.” All is right in the world.

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Kevin O’Brien
Partner and Co-Founder

Two truths and a lie: At 5 years old, Kevin wanted to be a DJ when he grew up, he has a twin, and he listens to Baroque-period classical music.

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Chad Huston
Multimedia Manager

The hills are alive with the sound of music! And it’s all coming from our one-man-band, Chad.

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Jeff Jones
Content Marking Manager

Jeff is a talented singer and saxophonist— our very own Duke Silver.

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