[Podcast] Tom Kosnik Live! A Discussion with a Staffing Icon


About this Episode:
In this episode, we get deep with one of the staffing industry greats: Tom Kosnik. Tom Kosnik is a staffing veteran and the brains behind Visus Group, a leading provider of strategic planning, growth strategy and organizational development services. Tom also runs a highly successful series of round tables throughout the year covering various topics and disciplines across the staffing industry. Tom is a Chicago guy through and through: the Cubs, the Bears and the Chicago Marathon. Whether you are new to the industry, or have been around the block, you’ll want to hear what Tom has to say.

About the Real Life Staffing Podcast:
Staffing and Recruiting: The Real Life combines business conversation with interesting and unique stories around situations and people involved in the staffing and recruiting industry. Our podcast is perfect listening for your commute, your workout or whenever you want to get a good laugh in about the real life of staffing and recruiting.

Episode Guest: Tom Kosnik
Tom Kosnik, President of Visus Group, is a recognized business consultant specializing in organizational development, profitability improvement and work culture transformation. For over two decades, he has facilitated the Presidents RoundTable, working with companies of all sizes and function. As a recognized consultant, Tom has coached & consulted with hundreds of corporate leaders and organizations throughout the continental USA in effective business development using his empirical-based “Organizational Development Business Model” (ODBM).

Co-Host: Kevin O’Brien
Kevin O’Brien is a Partner with echogravity, a marketing agency specializing in the recruiting and staffing space. Learn more about echogravity and how they can dial up your outsourced marketing today.

Co-Host: Tony Sherwood
Tony Sherwood is a Partner with CyberSearch, an IT Staffing Firm specializing in the recruiting and staffing of IT professionals.