[Podcast] The New Sales Guy: To Be or Not To Be


About this Episode:
In this episode, Kevin and Tony talk through a number of challenges in hiring the perfect staffing sales candidate. They discuss the skill sets they look for, the promise of the Rolodex, the runway for success, and various pitfalls along the way. Keep on the look out for scammers!

About the Real Life Staffing Podcast:
Staffing and Recruiting: The Real Life combines business conversation with interesting and unique stories around situations and people involved in the staffing and recruiting industry. Our podcast is perfect listening for your commute, your workout or whenever you want to get a good laugh in about the real life of staffing and recruiting.

Co-Host: Kevin O’Brien
Kevin O’Brien is a Partner with echogravity, a marketing agency specializing in the recruiting and staffing space. Learn more about echogravity and how they can dial up your outsourced marketing today.

Co-Host: Tony Sherwood
Tony Sherwood is a Partner with CyberSearch, an IT Staffing Firm specializing in the recruiting and staffing of IT professionals.