Four Reasons to Invest in Content Marketing


To communicate effectively with customers, companies must create messages that align with their positioning and overall marketing strategy. Sounds simple, right? Yes and no.  Kristina Halvorson, a notable content strategist said dealing with content can be messy, complicated, expensive and even painful at times.

Despite these challenges, businesses should invest in quality content because it’s an integral part to communicating with target audiences.  Jonathan Kahn, a web developer and writer for A List Apart said, “the website is the digital manifestation of the organization, critical to marketing and sales, communications, branding and reputation, and customer service and support.”

In essence, the content you deliver via your website is as much a part of the business as the sales person delivering sales messages to prospects over the telephone.  Investing in good sales people is a “no-brainer.” Often times, companies overlook the benefits to investing in content marketing programs.

Here are four reasons companies should invest in content marketing:

  1. Quality Content Makes You Look Good:
  2. Some people say clothes make the man. Others may frown upon such a superficial claim, but the principle remains. In the corporate world, potential hires are evaluated based on their appearance, posture, charisma, professionalism and relevant work experience. Imagine meeting a client and wearing stained, wrinkled, smelly clothes. Not only would this mistake cost you business, but it would also diminish your reputation. On the same note, a company’s website should reflect its most positive characteristics to make the best possible impression on the viewer. Therefore, website copy should reflect businesses’ values including intelligence, professionalism, and leadership.

  3. Intelligent Content Generates Leads
  4. If your website’s content continually provides consumers and clients with intelligent insights, then your company has an opportunity to be perceived as a thought leader in the industry.  We’ve all heard the phrase “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Similarly, it takes time to gain website visitors’ trust, respect and loyalty. Before selling customers/clients your products and services, you must share valuable and engaging content. Try discussing market trends or industry issues through LinkedIn Groups, Twitter, your company’s blog, Facebook, webinars and at industry conferences. Get involved, and make sure you have a strategic message to share once the time comes.

  5. Content Can Make or Break Your Company
  6. Quality content is much more than structuring sentences properly, and following the rules of basic English grammar. Instead, high quality content means supporting a company’s marketing and business objectives with a measurable content strategy in place. Additionally worthwhile content meets potential customers and clients halfway.  Just like good professors educate his or her students without belittling them.  Your content strategy should function to inform viewers without alienating them. All aspects of a website including content strategy, IA (Information Architecture), UX (user experience) and design elements should create an informative and entertaining experience for the user.  Because he or she could be your next client!

  7. Content Paves the Way for Marketing
  8. I think we’ve all heard the term content marketing before, but what does that really mean for your business in terms of CRM (customer relationship management) and generating sales leads? Many terms like CRM are used frequently in the marketing and sales industry without much explanation.

The basic definition of CRM is “the process of identifying future buyers, understanding them intimately, and developing positive perceptions of the organization so buyers will ultimately choose them.”

Companies like IBM,, and thousands of other small businesses invest in good content, and as a result they have a competitive advantage. This is because they’re willing to invest the time, resources and innovation into producing, and maintaining quality content.

If you’re looking to invest in content, but aren’t quite sure where to start, give us a call and let’s discuss your goals.