How a Website Redesign Elevated This Company’s Staffing Brand: A Case Study


Your company brand resonates in everything you do as a staffing firm. It impacts how your business is perceived in the marketplace and echoes through your sales and recruiting processes. Your website is the digital hub for your staffing brand and must be credible and user-friendly to engage prospective clients and candidates. Read on to find out how one staffing firm elevated their brand through a website redesign.

The Goal

Since 1985, Kinsa Group has been a national leader as food and beverage executive recruiters. The Kinsa team is passionate about making connections that feed the world. Though the Kinsa brand is backed by many impressive awards, like from Forbes, they felt their website wasn’t showcasing their intentional, candid, and consultative approach in the best way. So, they turned to the echogravity team to build a website fit for the industry’s leading food and beverage recruiters.

Some of the specific goals that Kinsa was looking to achieve included:

  1. Enhance UI/UX with an improved navigation menu and clearer calls-to-action
  2. A candidate-friendly, SEO-friendly Bullhorn Career Portal that  integrates seamlessly with the Bullhorn Applicant Tracking System (ATS).
  3. Fresh messaging that relays the Kinsa personality and engages quickly with a large candidate audience.

“Our main objective was for the website to bring a fresh look, modern design, and improved user experience to better serve the needs of our customers and candidates in the food and beverage industry,” notes Laurie Hyllberg,Vice President of Kinsa Group.

The Approach

Our approach to this web project was three-pronged:

  • Propose new brand messaging and create web copy accordingly
  • Overhaul the site design and overall aesthetic
  • Custom build a new Bullhorn job portal for an exceptional candidate experience, directly integrated with Bullhorn

Our team walked Kinsa Group’s stakeholders through a brand identity exercise to establish a foundation for their messaging. Using a proven framework to creatively build a messaging architecture that aligned with their brand and goals, we landed upon the brand purpose, “Nourishing connections that feed the world.” With this as the foundation, we created engaging, optimized web copy that positioned Kinsa as an industry leader with the services to meet the unique needs of both their clients and their candidates.

From a design perspective, we sought to construct a fresh look, a modern design, and an improved user experience to better serve the needs of their customers and candidates in the food and beverage industry. We incorporated the design of Kinsa Group’s existing logo throughout the site, making creative use of white space to highlight the vibrant imagery and emphasize their brand message. Additionally, we reconfigured the site navigation and implemented clear calls-to-action to guide visitors to the pages that would best serve them.

Since at least 80% of staffing website visits are from candidates, the Bullhorn job portal was an area of great importance and focus.  The previous solution lacked customizable features and did not give candidates a seamless, fast, and engaging job search experience. In order to provide Kinsa with an attention-grabbing career site, our team implemented the echogravity Jobs WordPress plugin, which fully integrates with the Bullhorn ATS software. With this API integration, Kinsa had access to automated data capture and customer insight technology, allowing them to deliver a user-friendly application experience.

“By asking targeted questions regarding our customers, candidates, and internal employees, the echogravity team helped us zero in on our brand identity, making it possible to create a modernized, streamlined website that represents who we are as a company,” said Laurie. “We needed everything to be perfect– the messaging, the imagery, and the job portal—and echogravity hit the mark.”

One of taglines we created for Kinsa Group was “setting the table for greater growth,” and the new website is designed to help them achieve this. They are now optimally positioned to showcase their brand, reputation, and expertise, attracting candidates and clients alike.
The echogravity team enjoyed working alongside Laurie and the whole Kinsa team to bring this new website to life.


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