Are Your Contractors following Policy at your Client Location?


A new contractor working with your staffing company is going to be brimming with questions.

What is the client culture like? When is my start date? Do I get any benefits as a contractor with your company?

We know those are just the tip of the iceberg. No doubt you’ll be asked plenty of others before day one on any W2 contractor’s assignment. Yet there’s one question, whether it’s asked or not, that needs to be clearly answered from the start:

What is fully expected and required of a contractor following policy at your client location?

The Tricky World of W2 Contractors

Put yourself in a new contractor’s shoes. On the surface, you work for two companies. Drastic differences in vision, culture, operations, and problem solving tactics can make the two seem like night and day. Even a veteran professional can get disoriented by all those ideas at once.

Unlike a full-time, direct hire, you cannot answer questions about expectations and requirements as they arise. That laissez-faire approach to prepping can do damage to both the client and your company.

Unasked Questions with Big Consequences

Certain central questions about workplace expectations and requirements disorients W2 contractors most in a new position:

  • Which company’s dress code and professional conduct should I follow?
  • Where should I direct questions about challenging technology? Sick leave? Any personal issues?
  • What should I do when asked about employment agreements or compensation?

When left to fend for his or herself, your contractor may have the best intent, but still pursue the wrong procedures. That can violate employment agreements, create bad blood with clients, and do detriment to your reputation.

What’s the solution? Present a contractor code of conduct from the start.

Using a Contractor Code of Conduct

You want to eliminate any confusion for your contractors at the source. A clearly worded code of conduct is the best solution.

When using a contractor code of conduct, you do more than just issue it and demand it be signed. Make time to go over the details with your W2 contractor in person or over-the-phone. That way, you can answer further questions and clarify confusing topics.

Want to never worry about a contractor following policy at a client location again? We’ve got you covered. Download our contractor code of conduct to get your contractors and business going in the right direction.

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