[Podcast] The Man Behind the Curtain: Bait and Switch in Staffing


Kevin O’Brien and Tony Sherwood team up to bring you “Staffing and Recruiting: The Real Life Podcast.” Tune into their very first episode about the common problem of “bait and switch” candidates in the staffing world.

Kevin, co-founder of echogravity, and Tony, Managing Partner and VP of Business Development at CyberSearch, are no strangers to speakers and conferences in the staffing industry. Most of these presentations and roundtables address typical challenges like how to be more profitable, how to evolve alongside the marketplace, how to bridge the gap between sales and marketing, etc.

But no one’s really talking about the everyday “real life” challenges in staffing that are, frankly, sometimes embarrassing. These are the conversations that Kevin and Tony want to put a spotlight on – and their first podcast dives in head-first.

The million-dollar question: are you really talking to the candidate who’s going to show up at your client’s door?

Since the 1990s when immigration opened up more, we’ve seen a massive increase in “bait and switch” scenarios with H1B candidates – where one candidate interviews, via phone and video, but someone else turns up for the job.

In the podcast, we explore the three most common situations that result in a client making that dreaded phone call – “Hey, we thought we hired Chevy Chase, but John Travolta turned up on our doorstep.”

Unfortunately, this major case of fraud is all too common – especially in a high-stakes, high-demand, low-supply field like IT. The US provides great opportunity to succeed, but there will always be the rare few who take advantage. And staffing firms have to figure out how to deal with it, because they’re ultimately the ones that are held accountable by the client whenever it happens.

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