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IT Staffing

IT Staffing and Services Marketing

Selling to IT resource buyers is quite different from what it was in the 90’s. Cold calling is still a prevalent method for building revenue growth, however, making contact with these buyers is becoming more and more difficult.

By leveraging inbound marketing (content, social, seo) as an add-on to your sales activities, echogravity will increase your company’s brand awareness in the IT Staffing marketplace, giving your sales team warmer leads to chase and close. The echogravity leadership team has been entrenched in the IT services market since 1991 and knows exactly what it takes to get the attention of the companies and buyers of your services. With all of the new rules of engagement, inbound marketing is a required skill that IT services and solutions firms need to compete against the global giants that have cornered the market and are monopolizing the Fortune 1000 approved vendor lists.

Attract an Audience in the Competitive IT Staffing Marketplace

Grabbing the attention of IT leaders is increasingly difficult. Whether you are a systems integrator, a reseller, or IT staffing provider, you are likely competing in a red ocean of swarming competition.  Cold calls and sales inundation has prompted buyers to avoid or deflect most sales messages altogether. Buyers are more likely to form their own opinion and educate themselves on potential partners and solutions through search or by referral. echogravity spends time with each client to define highly specific buyer profiles and develop relevant content to cast in their direction.  This is a critical step in getting found while buyers are in their search and evaluation buying stages. If done correctly, your calling process will be staged as warmer communications with your prospects if they haven’t already reached out to you directly.

Hire an Inbound Marketing Firm That Knows IT Staffing

Whether your need is strategic or tactical, we bring our knowledge and experience to every marketing program we design and implement for our clients. For less than the cost of a full-time resource, let us manage and deliver the entire marketing strategy for your business.

To understand more about how our IT Staffing Marketing programs work, tell us about your IT Staffing Marketing Challenges.