How are you achieving sales growth this year?


At echogravity, we work closely with our clients on implementing strategies to achieve their annual business goals. As 2015 gets into full swing, we are witnessing a consistent theme across our IT staffing client base: Sales growth by way of increasing sales team headcount.

This strategy makes sense. Increased hiring of productive sales people (in addition to having a strong recruiting engine) leads directly to increased activity in current accounts, greater numbers of new client accounts, and heightened potential to enter new markets.

Ideally, most companies are looking to hire experienced sales reps whose background is in IT staffing. However, in our current market, this is a tall order because it becomes increasingly difficult to find successful sales reps (or top performers!) who are willing to leave their positions. Our economy is strong, and growing demand for technology resources over the past 24 months has given sales reps a great opportunity to build their client base.

Last year, it was noted that unemployment in the tech sector was nearing record lows of 2%. If this shortage of available IT staff persists while the demand for resources remains high, the atmosphere for selling will continue to thrive and opportunities for penetrating new accounts will become more prevalent.

Cold calling will become more effective as hiring managers are more willing to listen to what IT staffing reps have to say; especially if these hiring managers are having trouble finding the staff they need to complete their projects and perform their function successfully. Experienced sales reps in these scenarios are unlikely to up and leave their current positions, leaving this active client base behind them.

With this deficit of available sales reps with staffing experience comes the challenge of finding and integrating the most experienced and cost effective individuals for your growing sales team. We’re not sure that anyone has found the right formula for eliminating hiring failure risk while simultaneously landing the top producing reps. However, we’ve pulled together an analysis of options for executing sales growth. Given the current market, hiring new reps is not necessarily the only way to achieve sales growth. This slide deck may be a good tool for you to assess your options and alternatives accordingly.


IT Staffing Sales Growth Strategy Download