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Client: Blue Ocean

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Why it’s a good story…

Blue Ocean was facing a common scenario where there’s a marketing person in place but they are unable to deliver across the marketing spectrum. At first it was a dance to find the right voice on content, we were in the hot seat, so we sat down with Amy and discussed the concerns. We made changes, we change the writer (in this case, Kevin). The manner in which we responded led to a deeper relationship with Blue Ocean. One of more transparency and ownership. In the end, we have grown this partnership to 10+ years strong, supporting Blue Ocean to grow their sales pipeline over $60M, win a number of industry awards, and position Blue Ocean as the go to source for contact center outsourcing buyers.

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Blue Ocean Contact Centers
echogravity’s commitment to strategic partnership is second to none. -  Amy - Director of Communications, Blue Ocean Contact Centers

Meet the team that delivered

Katie Finnegan Barker
Performance Marketing Manager

Braving -30° winter nights is worth it to Katie to call the Adirondack Mountains home, where she’s surrounded by 46 high peaks and 3,000 lakes

Meet Katie
Clare VanderWeele
Vice President of Marketing Operations

Clare is always fully booked, as in she’s usually reading at least three books at a time and slowly stacking up library fines.

Meet Clare
Soledad “Sol” Di Paola
Creative Manager

The toughest contender in echogravity’s annual Steps Challenge, Sol loves staying active in the gym. She also likes to explore the never ending new restaurants and bars around the vibrant Miami.

Meet Sol
Brian Jameson
Partner and Co-Founder

Walking up to bat to 311’s Beautiful Disaster, Brian Jameson! Just kidding. Even though he didn’t grow up to be the MLB player of his 5-year-old dreams, Brian hits homeruns for echogravity every day.

Meet Brian
Jeff Jones
Content Marking Manager

Jeff is a talented singer and saxophonist— our very own Duke Silver.

Meet Jeff