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Why it’s a good story to tell…

Ardor Health is a travel nursing and therapy staffing firm that needed a brand overhaul to optimally position them in an evolving marketplace. Online, players in the healthcare industry often cling to generic branding that is overly clinical and fails to highlight the human element. Ardor wanted something different. They were passionate about their purpose and values and wanted to be perceived as an advocate for both clinicians and facilities. They turned to echogravity to help craft and articulate a more engaging brand identity.


Using our robust proprietary framework for constructing the elements of brand identity, we embarked on a thorough discovery process with Ardor. The Ardor team shared what they wanted their brand to represent, and armed with that information, we spent our creative energies on architecting a brand purpose, positioning statement, value statements, and audience-centric messaging pillars. Bringing it all together, Ardor was able to leverage this new brand identity in a website redesign project and present a more engaging and actionable message to their audiences.

Meet the team that delivered

Clare VanderWeele
Vice President of Marketing Operations

Clare is always fully booked, as in she’s usually reading at least three books at a time and slowly stacking up library fines.

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Miriam Micu
Brand Manager

If Miriam was stranded on a desert island and could only bring three books, she’d stay true to her inquisitive and determined nature by bringing something practical like, “Wilderness Survival for Dummies,” something motivational like “Becoming,” by Michelle Obama, and an entertaining novel such as “Dune,” by Frank Herbert.

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Addie Winkelman
Content Marketing Manager

Addie’s perfect breakfast POV: she’s at Waffle House and orders a chocolate chip waffle with a side of covered hash browns. The floor is sticky, the cooks are yelling at each other, and the server calls her “honey.” All is right in the world.

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Brian Jameson
Partner and Co-Founder

Walking up to bat to 311’s Beautiful Disaster, Brian Jameson! Just kidding. Even though he didn’t grow up to be the MLB player of his 5-year-old dreams, Brian hits homeruns for echogravity every day.

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Jeff Jones
Content Marking Manager

Jeff is a talented singer and saxophonist— our very own Duke Silver.

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