Marketing Director

Are you passionate about inbound marketing? Are you bored managing one brand and not being able to make key decisions about the direction of your company’s marketing strategy? Are you seeking an opportunity that optimizes your strengths and knowledge about the space, without being hand-tied with red tape and politics? Are your great ideas being locked away in the dropbox “dead file” in hopes for a future where you can set them free to be explored to the fullest potential? Are you looking for an opportunity that will provide you with a flexible work-life balance, and the ability to grow creatively and professionally? Are you interested in managing marketing for multiple companies as a Marketing Director? Do you want to represent a company that has clients that love what we do and employees that are passionate about their work? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you should be talking to us about a Marketing Director position.

About echogravity

echogravity serves as an all-in-one marketing team for its clients in a select few B2B markets: professional staffing and recruiting, staffing ecosystem software/services, and the contact center BPO. With most clients, echogravity is the outsourced marketing partner that is responsible for the strategy and implementation of the entire marketing function. Although over ninety percent of our business is in these few select industries, we also have amazing clients outside of these markets.


We span the complete spectrum of marketing skills for our clients – marketing strategy, web design, content marketing, campaign management, email marketing, SEO, Social Media, and lead generation. echogravity was established in 2011 and is a rapidly growing company in highly dynamic industries. Since 2016, we’ve nearly doubled in size and expect to continue this level of growth for the foreseeable future. This position is an integral part of our growth plan for 2018.


The echogravity Marketing Director is responsible for strategizing, managing, executing and delivering on all digital, inbound, SEO, PR, social media, and email marketing activities for our clients. This position is a client-facing, highly interactive role, requiring weekly communication with executive leadership across our clients. As the head of marketing for multiple organizations, the Marketing Director will be faced with challenges that require strategic thinking, assessment of analytics and the power to implement vital decisions. The Marketing Director will be placed in a crucial position of advisory and influence with each client for which they manage. Professional poise, determination and critical thinking are just a few of the characteristics of this position that will prove to be successful for an echogravity Marketing Director. Although this position does not manage staff directly, the Marketing Director is required to orchestrate activities and direction with other echogravity personnel. Working in a matrixed organization and effectively influencing positive behavior across teams will lead to a exceptional level of customer feedback we are continuously used to receiving. Your efforts, skills and knowledge will be an integral part of our enduring accomplishments.


Key Responsibilities for this position include, but are not limited to:

Strategy and Project Management

  • Operate as a strategic advisor to multiple clients of echogravity by establishing respectful rapport and strong relationships with executive leadership of these organizations.
  • Own, manage and execute marketing strategies for various echogravity clients across North America.
  • Clearly understand each clients culture by visiting their office and living their experiences first hand.
  • Establish regular goals, with the comprehension to measure and analyze activity against goals.
  • Review and measure marketing effectiveness and results on a continual basis.
  • Work through brand architectures with clients and present forward thinking messaging platforms that help clients differentiate in a crowded space.
  • Establish working buyer personas that addresses our clients target audiences.
  • Analyze market data and intelligence in order to perfect market messaging to each targeted segment.
  • Manage the day to day marketing activity for clients, with an impeccable attention to detail on all aspects of the program.
  • Learn, utilize and manage marketing programs within a project management software platform.


Content Marketing

  • Clearly understand the goals of each client and work with our content team to develop a unique and powerful content strategy.
  • Work with our content team to create and manage a content calendar.
  • Work with the echogravity content marketing team to publish regularly scheduled content.
  • Serve as the final decision maker on each piece of content prior to publishing.



  • Build and implement an SEO strategy for each client organization.
  • Work with our Inbound Marketing team to run monthly reports on web traffic and analytics across all aspects of marketing performance for each client.
  • Analyze report data and determine strategies to increase page rankings on specific keywords and phrases.
  • Determine use cases for PPC or other paid search opportunities across all viable platforms.


Public Relations

  • Assess and evaluate industry awards that apply to each client. Apply and market awards that fit within their category. Sample awards include Best of Staffing.
  • Determine and recommend opportunities for clients that will expand the reach of news worthy topics.


Social Media

  • Work with our inbound marketing team to establish social media strategies for each client that position them as leaders in each market.
  • Oversee the management of all social media properties of each client.
  • Create goals and measurements that will assess effectiveness of social media programs and campaigns for each client.
  • Research and assess participation value on emerging social platforms.


Sales Support

  • Clearly understand the sales process for each client, for each target market, including candidate marketing.
  • For each client, evaluate materials inventory and all touch points, while making recommendations for improvement where needed.
  • Support marketing activities for clients across all stages of the sales process.


Email Marketing

  • Collaborate with clients to architect an email marketing strategy that assist in the accomplishment of company goals.
  • Plan, create and execute email marketing campaigns for clients as required.
  • Work with echogravity’s inbound marketing team to manage email marketing platforms, including rss feeds and other SFA tools as required.


Fitting into echogravity

  • You are an excellent communicator and people enjoy your company in social environments.
  • You are highly organized and are always 3 steps ahead of anyone you work with.
  • You work hard and want to be part a fun, growing company.
  • You are highly dedicated to your role but also believe in the importance of a work life balance.
  • You can work independently, but are a great team player. Everyone wants you on their team.
  • Your work quality is exceptional, regardless if you are working in a home office, or traveling.
  • You have an advanced understanding of digital and how it supports marketing.
  • You like writing, are good at it, and have strong proofreading capabilities.
  • You like to analyze complex business challenges and come up with creative ways to solve them.
  • You like to buck the status quo and will challenge the norm at all times.
  • Your attention to detail is impeccable. You produce a work product that requires little modification. You are almost a perfectionist.
  • You understand how to analyze metrics/data, and how to segment and report it in a logical fashion. (AKA you were a better-than-average math student).
  • You are a marketing “geek”. You stay on top of changes to the Google or Social algorithms and love to find new ways to use these tools for marketing.
  • You are even tempered and have an over-the-top customer service attitude.
  • You check your ego at the door and are always open to constructive feedback. If you take things personally, you’re not a fit.
  • You are smart, creative, accountable, willing to go the extra mile, and really “get it”. If you don’t understand this bullet, you aren’t a fit.


Requirements of the Marketing Director

  • Graduated with 4 year degree. Marketing or Journalism are preferred but a proven track record is more important.
  • 2+ Years of marketing experience in a corporate marketing or agency marketing role in a B2B capacity. In other words, the primary target audience you’ve been working with the past couple of years are business people, professionals, decision makers, and industry leaders. Experience in the staffing and recruiting industry is preferred; IT staffing and consulting being ideal.
  • Worked in a project management or project leadership role, having designed and communicated and presented successful business cases to executive leadership.
  • Can showcase proven and verifiable examples of marketing successes and wins.
  • Work as a full time employee remotely from your home office. We need someone who’s dedicated, as “working on the side” won’t cut it. Being a self-starter and personally motivated is a must. If someone has to kick you in the butt to get going, this is the wrong place for you.
  • Impeccable attention to detail and willing to double and triple test to guarantee accuracy of your work.
  • Exceptional business writing skills.
  • Has a clear understanding of marketing and staffing technology tools, and how they can benefit client marketing activities, both for the client and candidate.


Why Work for echogravity?

There are many reasons why echogravity is an employer of choice. Here are just a few why our employees love what we do:

  • We’re a transparent company and communicate our goals and strategy on a quarterly basis. We’ve had only one person leave in the past 5 years because we are employee focused – check our glassdoor reviews and see for yourself.
  • Working remotely is a desirable opportunity for most people. Save the time and money on commute, while optimizing family life or other activities that make you happy.
  • echogravity is a true leader in the space for which we compete. Our sales pipeline is full because companies seek out to work with echogravity. There is no shortage of work and we continue to be the firm of choice by the best brands in the industries for which we operate. Why work with anything less than the best?
  • echogravity is self-funded and debt free. We operate our business with financial strength in mind and always have a back-up plan for rainy days. We mitigate risk and exist to take care of our employees and their families.
  • We’re selective with the clients we work with. Sure, some of our clients are very challenging, but we actively seek mutually respectful relationships in our sales process.
  • Our clients love working with our team and see us as a true extension of their business. We work extremely hard for them and also take the time to get to know each stakeholder at a personal level. We’re a part of their family.
  • We incorporate a semi-annual employee bonus in our employee agreements. The bonus is not guaranteed, but we’ve paid out a quarterly (not semi) bonus now for over 3 years running.
  • We have unlimited (within reason of course) PTO and an open vacation policy. Use what you need as long as you are performing at a high level and our clients are extremely satisfied.
  • Work from any location as long as you are focused and free from distractions. Coffee shops, poolside, mountain tops, boats, family rooms and other (pick your place) are completely within reason.
  • Our holiday schedule includes random days like the day after the super bowl, your birthday and ad-hoc dates that allow for our team to regenerate and enjoy life to its fullest.
  • We only hire individuals that are team players. We have no room for self-centered employees. There is no B.S., and politics are non-existent. Our goal is purely focused on client success.
  • We’re open to ideas. Everyone in the company has the opportunity to influence the direction our firm. Speak up and speak often on how you think we can be a better company. There is no wrong answer.


Well, is this you? If so, send us a message and your LinkedIn profile (no resume required). We’d love to kick up a conversation.
To learn more about this position and echogravity as a whole, visit or contact Kevin O’Brien at or 847-960-3302.