Do your Sales Reps have a detailed attack plan?


Managing sales is an extremely difficult task; hands down one of the toughest jobs in a small to mid-sized business. A great deal of the success criteria is having the right sales team, however, a well-thought out sales strategy and plan is also required to make certain that your sales process and attack plan have a foundation for repeatability and accountability.

Many of our clients look to us for advice and direction on sales strategy and sales planning. The reason for this is that in order to queue up lead generation and inbound marketing, it’s vital to tie together the business and sales strategy to the marketing strategy and messaging. It all has to flow together. If we aren’t clear on what the big picture plan is, it’s very difficult to execute the battle on the front lines.

As part of echogravity’s sharing culture, we continue to give away tools that help SMB B2B companies grow and succeed. To kick off April, we’ve decided to give away a Sales Expectation Matrix. This 4 page document outlines a detailed daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly/annual expectation diagram for sales personnel. This matrix can be used by senior management to clearly communicate what is expected from each and every sales rep and how they should be defining, managing and driving revenue through their territory. We strongly believe in a go-to-market strategy that is well defined by buyer personas and target companies. This document will help define the A/B/C account target concept, with a clear accountability track for each type of target.

To get your copy that you could implement tomorrow, download the echogravity Sales Expectation Matrix.

Sales Expectation Matrix for your Sales Team