The Definitive Recruitment Marketing Guide for Staffing Firms


Once upon a time, staffing firms were fighting to win over the few clients left who weren’t on a hiring freeze. A decade later, the market has turned around, and staffing firms and companies alike are struggling to compete in a tight labor market. This time, we’re fighting to win over candidates.

Tactics and Strategies for Building Your Candidate Pipeline

Talent shortages, skills gaps, immigration uncertainties, and increased demand. These are the challenges staffing firms are facing across every industry. The last thing on your mind is probably marketing. Unfortunately, marketing could be the very answer you need.

Recruitment marketing is a comprehensive strategy built on a robust brand, targeted messaging, and intelligent marketing channels. The goal is to reach, attract, and engage candidates who have yet to convert into applicants. And the more effective your recruitment marketing, the more candidates you’ll reach.

But where do you start? And who gets involved?

Get your copy of our latest eBook, the Recruitment Marketing Guide for Staffing Firms.

Inside, we address some of the following topics:

  • What is recruitment marketing (and why you should care)
  • Is the job board dead?
  • Deciding who owns recruitment marketing
  • Crafting your value proposition
  • Channels of recruitment marketing
  • Measuring the success of your recruitment marketing
  • How to implement your recruitment marketing strategy: a checklist


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