Chasing Purple Squirrels: Take Your Recruitment Strategy to the Next Level


Are you sick and tired of hearing the phrase “talent shortage” yet? The staffing industry is no stranger to the considerable discrepancy between supply and demand of talented professionals and all the challenges that come with it.

Yet your clients are still seeking the perfect candidate; the candidate that the staffing industry has aptly named the Purple Squirrel. How many positions go unfilled because the laundry list of requirements is overblown and unrealistic? How often do you actually succeed in recruiting a Purple Squirrel?

We address this challenge in an eBook we recently wrote in partnership with DiscoverOrg, a sales intelligence company whose specialties include staffing and recruiting. We explore how companies like yours can leverage data to create a niche market unique to Purple Squirrels.

In “Embracing Purple Squirrels: A Power Move in Recruiting” we discuss:

  • Why do Purple Squirrels exist?
  • How to use Purple Squirrels to your advantage
  • What motivates Purple Squirrels
  • Conducting in-depth market research
  • Branding yourself in a new niche market

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