7 People You Should Know if You’re in IT Staffing Industry


If you’re in the staffing business, you already know that networking is everything. It’s the cornerstone of the industry, the key to success. The staffing world is all about who you know, and building relationships from that foundation.  This much is clear.

With that in mind, here’s who we think you should know if you’re in the IT staffing industry. Regardless of whether you use their service or product, these people know the business, and know it cold. Having them on speed dial is a must.

1. Henry Schuck: Co-Founder and CEO of DiscoverOrg


Henry SchuckDiscoverOrg is a highly valuable tool for any IT staffing organization looking to increase their market share. Providing high-quality sales and marketing intelligence and contact information, this tool promises to overhaul lead generation strategy and maximize marketing initiatives for staffing firms across the nation.

The brains behind this tool is Henry Schuck, Co-Founder and CEO. Schuck is an entrepreneur who truly understands the power of big data in the staffing industry. IT Staffing is an industry that has been slow to adapt to cutting-edge technology, which has left many firms struggling to catch up. Whether you’re ahead of the game or striving to get out of the Stone Age, Schuck is someone whose thought leadership you should be following. Henry is very involved in his business at the ground level and is very approachable. Get to know him if you don’t already.

2. Dan Fisher: Founder and President of Menemsha Group

Dan FisherWith extensive experience in the IT staffing industry, Dan Fisher knows what he’s talking about. As the industry continues to evolve at an astonishing rate, transformative sales processes and methodology are paramount to success, and this is exactly what Fisher has helped over 250 IT staffing and services firm to do.

His company, Menemsha Group, delivers sales training, coaching, and workshops to teach staffing firms how to stand out from their competition and improve their sales strategies. Keep an eye on Menemsha Group’s blog, where Fisher routinely shares his sales insight, explores industry trends, and answers the questions you hadn’t even thought to ask. Dan is well connected and is a great source of knowledge, whether it’s about the industry or people that are players in the space.

3. Robin Mee: President and Founder of Mee Derby


Robin MeeStaffing companies are used to putting people to work and making connections between talent and opportunities, but Robin Mee sees the big picture; she’s the one who helps staff the staffing industry. With a passion for putting people to work and an entrepreneurial spirit that fuels her actions, she founded her company Mee Derby in 1988, which has since become a leader in the space.

Robin is your go-to person when you need someone who has a finger on the pulse of the staffing industry and is on a first-name basis with the industry’s movers and shakers. Check out her regular publications, essays, articles and blog posts for thought leadership and industry insight. And be on the lookout for Robin at staffing industry events: you can find her serving actively for the American Staffing Association as a board member for the Washington D.C. chapter.

Whether it’s executive leadership or new account managers you are looking to hire, Robin Mee is one person you should be talking to.

4. Maurice Fuller: Founder and President of NewVector Group


Maurice FullerNewVector Group is an organization passionate about helping IT staffing organizations thrive in their business. They provide insightful training courses for sales and recruiting in the IT and engineering space, as well as management consulting to help staffing firms take control of their operations and best practices.

Maurice Fuller, founder of NewVector, built this company upon his extensive experience in the staffing industry and is known for his analytical and enthusiastic approach. Get a taste of his insight by checking out his podcasts, and take the opportunity to connect with him on LinkedIn. He’s the guy to know when you want to boost your team’s professional and personal development.

Outside of the services NewVector offers, Maurice is a down-to-earth guy who has a tremendous understanding of the ins and outs of staffing as a whole. A wealth of knowledge, Maurice is a must have connection if you plan on building your company in the near future.

5. Mike Cleland: Founder of Charted Path


Mike ClelandA high-performance staffing firm that is focused on continuous growth takes a visionary leader who can balance strategy with operations. There’s no doubt that Mike Cleland has vision. After years of running an IT staffing firm, Mike founded Charted Path, a management consulting firm that services the staffing industry.

Staffing is complex, and Mike understands it at a level most people don’t. His input as a consultant is invaluable, helping companies build strategy with a human approach. If you’re looking for insight into aligning all the operational and functional elements of your staffing company, Mike is your go-to leader. His intelligent approach to the industry and firm belief that people are the cornerstones of an organization’s success are inspiring.

6.Casey Godfrey: Senior Director at 247 Headhunting


Casey GodfreyThese days, the firm that can recruit will win. Every company in the IT staffing space is heavy on requirements with a huge gap in finding talent. For this reason alone, you need to know Casey.

247 is a leader in outsourced recruiting and sourcing services to the IT staffing industry. While speed and quality are neck and neck in terms of importance, clients need to know that they can count on your firm to deliver the best IT resources for their projects. If your recruiting isn’t delivering, your business will fail. This is where Casey becomes a great person to know.

You won’t find Casey in front of large audiences or writing blog posts. In fact, you may not even see him even though he’s there! However, you will want to get to know him because he holds the keys to ramping up recruiting teams in a hurry.

Casey is extremely well-connected and knows IT staffing cold. Casey’s knowledge of the space and his ability to make companies succeed in a candidate driven market is unprecedented.

7. Art Papas: CEO and Co-Founder at Bullhorn


Art Papas NewEven if you’ve never heard the name Art Papas, there is no doubt you’ve heard of his company. Bullhorn is one of the leading CRM solutions for the staffing industry, and its success is little surprise once you hear its founder’s story.

With his wealth of technical expertise, Art coded the original Bullhorn software himself, ensuring its functionality with feedback from recruiters. It has since grown exponentially, and Art continues his role at the helm of the organization. He is known as an innovative, entrepreneurial leader, and you can often hear him speak both on TV and radio. Plus, he’s an inspiration to many, as a chairman as Career Collaborative, an organization committed to resolving working-class poverty.

Art is a busy man and even if you don’t get a chance to meet him personally, you should be following the path of their software. Bullhorn is the innovative leader in the applicant tracking software space and you can bet that their competitors are sure to follow.

Knowing the right people can make all the difference in the world to you and your success. All it takes is one connection that can change everything. Maybe one of these people may be that connection?

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