Reflections From the 2018 TechServe Alliance Conference


Every year, the TechServe Alliance Conference brings businesses from across the IT and engineering staffing space together as they connect on emerging trends, pressing challenges, best-practices, and strategies for the future. For the past 5 years in a row, echogravity has faithfully attended this conference to keep current with the latest staffing innovation and thought leadership, while helping companies understand how marketing can propel their sales and recruiting efforts.

Our favorite aspect of TechServe has always been the people. Whether we’re connecting with long-time clients or meeting new faces, there’s nothing quite like building relationships as we ponder the past, present, and (exciting) future of technical staffing. We asked a handful of forward-thinking industry leaders to share their thoughts on this year’s conference. Check it out below:


What Was Your Favorite Part of This Year’s TechServe Alliance Conference?

Anastasia Valentine, Executive Vice President & Managing Director, Resource1:

“My favorite part of TechServe was reviewing software from the many strategic partners in the exhibit hall. I have been searching for a reporting tool for quite some time and was connected with a vendor – fingers crossed it’s the reporting tool we have been searching for!”

Adam Conrad, Founder, Great Recruiters:

“I really enjoyed being able to meet with our clients and connect with new prospects. There is a lot of great content that is presented at the conference, but I think the most valuable piece is bringing people together and networking with folks who have common challenges and goals. Beyond talking about our product, it’s an opportunity for us to talk about the challenges that are facing people in the marketplace and solutions to those challenges.”

Jamie Delsing, Managing Partner & Owner, Consultis:

“The best part was hanging with some of my team members, seeing old TechServe Alliance friends, and meeting new ones! I also really enjoyed the Women’s Luncheon. And of course, it goes without saying…seeing the echogravity team!”


What Was Your Top Takeaway?

Richard Neisz, Founding Member & Principal, Smart Resources:  

“The IT consulting and staffing industry continues to evolve with big changes coming around Artificial Intelligence. AI is just starting to impact how IT talent and resources are found and allocated. We’re pretty much at the start of the AI impact and it will accelerate greatly in the upcoming years. Get ready, everything is about to change with the continuing impact of AI.”

Amanda Cole, Vice President of Operations, eTeki:

“A focus of this year’s conference, and even of conversation circulating around the exhibit hall, was the rising expectations of hiring managers.”

Charlie Fossell, Chief Operating Officer, TriCom:

“A top takeaway for me was from the Growing Firm Forum. There, we discussed how structured interviews can be used to identify a candidate’s character, attitude, and motivations – 60% of a sales person’s success comes from these three areas. Structured interviews, with clear assessments, can also be used to gauge their skill and ability – where 40% of a sales person’s potential success stems from.”

Eric Gregg, Founder, Inavero:

“My top takeaway was that top IT and engineering staffing firms are truly starting to view the consultant experience as the lynchpin of their success – I hope it stays that way!”


One of our favorite parts of the conference was the same as many of yours – meeting old and new friends, as well as staying ahead of top industry trends. We excited to see you all again in 2019!

At echogravity, it’s our business to stay on top of the trends that impact your operations. We’re always available to discuss strategies for a successful new year – let’s chat!