2011 Marketing in 1970’s Style


Twitter and Facebook Marketing

The other day, I was driving in the cold rain and caught this out of the corner of my eye. In that very second, this funny thought flashed through my head and I immediately felt a huge disconnect with this sign. So, I ran a u-turn and circled back to get a picture of this sign which caused me so much confusion.

I can see this sign making a lot of sense, especially being in marketing and all. However, is this really the place to invite people to join social channels? It crossed me as an oxymoron, using 1970’s advertising methods to promote current marketing trends. I can see promoting a 9-hole special or a free steak dinner on this board, but not Twitter and Facebook.

My dad is a retired guy that is a ranger at a small 9-hole course and I could see him being asked to keep this board up to date as part of his job and asking himself “what in the world is a Twitter???”

I don’t know, maybe it’s just me.