10 Years and Counting: The Core Values that Define echogravity


It’s humbling to look back and see how much we’ve grown and matured in ten years’ time, thanks to the trust of our clients and our people. While echogravity has pivoted and changed with marketing trends, techniques, and technologies through the last decade, our core values have remained steadfast. This milestone gives us the perfect chance to share how our values guide our business. 

Trust is our greatest strength 

We speak the truth to our customers and colleagues. We don’t beat around the bush. Our honesty is infused with kindness, which allows to communicate freely without fear of judgement. We’re open-minded people who assume the best in our teammates and clients. 

We Build Each Other Up 

We are good teammates because we encourage and leverage each other’s strengths. The world can be full of criticism and negativity, but we fight hard to celebrate our team’s progress. Even in a remote environment, we are constantly giving shoutouts to one another as tasks are completed and goals are crushed. We want the loudest voices in our workspace to be ones of respect, support, and encouragement.  

Act With Intention 

We don’t just check the boxes or do the bare minimum to skate on by. We act with intent through our daily, constant communication (trust us, we are talking on Microsoft Teams all day long to make sure we are all in the loop). “Can’t” is not in our vocabulary. We work harder because we give our teammates and clients the best of the bestWe value the minute details that transform an ok blog into a memorable story while staying focused on the big picture. We are passionate about our craft, and as we take pride in our work, our clients benefit from the results. It’s a win-win dynamic. 

Time is Our Most Valuable Asset 

Prioritization is the name of the game in the ever-changing world of marketing and advertising. Between social media campaigns, paid search ads, and analytics, there are a lot of details clamoring for attention. We calm the chaos by staying organized. Clarity of tasks and projects creates efficiencies for the whole team. We manage our time effectively so we can provide quality services to our people day in and day out. 

Act Like Owners 

We have a seat at the table with our clients – we jump on board on day one to pinpoint the best and most effective plan of action. Our clients believe in us because we act like owners and are entrepreneurial in our actions. We speak with convictionconfident in our abilities to deliver quality results.  

Always be Learning  

It’s often been said that we learn something new every day. At echogravity, we are convinced we learn more than that on a daily basis, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Our growth mindset permeates everything we do. When projects don’t go the way we hoped, we don’t blame others or take ourselves too seriously. Mistakes are learning lessons that help us adapt and evolve. We roll with the punches and get better with each challenge, and we have fun along the way because we are learning as a team. 

We Stay Positive in the Face Adversity 

Life can throw us some pretty mean curveballs, but we don’t live in fear of the unexpected. We know who we are as a company. We are bold, resilient, and resolved. No matter what comes our way, we rest assured knowing we will come out the other side, unified and stronger than ever before.

So, there you have it – a clear snapshot of what keeps us going at echogravity. We wake up excited to do our jobs each morning, and we are so proud of our team – just  take a look  at the incredible people who make up the positive heartbeat of our culture (you should probably connect with a few of them on LinkedIn because they are pretty fantastic).  

Cheers to ten years and to many more anniversaries to come!