10 Things that Every Sales Manager Should Know About Sales Performance [Infographic]


We love talking about sales performance metrics because selling is a difficult job and not everyone is cut out for it.

In this fantastic infographic brought to us by The TAS Group, there are a few points of interest that really stand out. For starters, 67% miss quota??? Is that because quotas are set too high or because 2/3rds of sales people are below average?

We also found point #3 eye-opening, noting that the best sales reps are 250% better at qualifying leads. We would suspect that any sales team would be happy to have leads, but being able to effectively qualify them is a critical skill set that makes a huge difference in selling.

And of course, #8 is something we believe in since we like to see marketing and sales well-aligned.

Check out these stats for yourself and see where your company falls.

Sales Infographic

If any of these points hit home, contact us to see if we can help.