10 Hidden Sales Metrics


We all know that the lifeblood of business growth is all about two things: keep current clients happy and acquire new ones. Many companies are very good at servicing current clients but fall WAY short in prospecting and landing new logos. I believe there is a saying that states that finding new clients is twice as hard as keeping them (or something like that!).

At echogravity, we consistently talk to companies that have stated new client acquisition as their #1 business objective for 2012. However, it’s the typical 80/20 rule- 80% of new sales come from 20% of the sales force; but it doesn’t need to be this way. Data is king, and sales management should be able to track data and activity in such a way that prevents critical information from falling through the cracks. Let’s face it, sales management is a very difficult job. Among other things, sales managers need to lead by example, deal with varying personalities, manage to metrics, and be strong motivators. It takes a special person to carry all of these characteristics to the T, while digging into all of the information that comes out of systems and processes.

So, we decided to publish an eBook that can quickly help identify hidden metrics and be a source of sales data insight for SMB CEO’s, Sales VP’s and Sales Managers. With all of the challenges of managing a sales team, having additional options for measuring sales effectiveness can offer alternative views of what’s really transpiring inside the numbers.

Check out a few tips and tricks by downloading our free eBook:
10 Hidden Sales Metrics Sales Leadership is Not Likely Tracking.

We hope that this publication provides at least one new way to measure sales for a successful 2012!