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Social Media Marketing Manager Job Description

Are you passionate about social media marketing? Are you looking for an opportunity to grow creatively and professionally?


As the Social Media Marketing Manager (SMMM) at echogravity, you’ll be responsible for managing and delivering all social media activities for clients and internal echogravity social media. In this highly visible role, a successful hire will “own” social media and will be directly accountable to client results.


The first order of business is to assess our current social media marketing processes and strategies. Along with the company stakeholders, the SMMM will create and implement the social media strategy framework that will be applied to each client engagement, including echogravity’s internal social media program. This position is far from boring!


As the Social Media Marketing Manager at echogravity, you will be responsible for:

  • Managing the social media marketing strategy for echogravity and echogravity’s clients; focusing on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, SlideShare.
  • Execution of all social media activities (i.e. tweeting, sharing, engaging, liking, increasing social reach, doing the heavy lifting, etc) for echogravity and echogravity’s clients.
  • Communicating in a professional, but unique social media “voice” for each client; directly aligned with the clients’ thought leadership and content platform.
  •  Creating social media campaigns and calls-to-action that drive target buyers to client sites and generate leads for our clients.
  • Spending hours on LinkedIn every day engaging with our clients’ target audiences by sharing content, finding ways to grow LinkedIn company followership, and improve overall engagement with our clients’ LinkedIn Company Pages.
  • Staying ahead of the curve in leveraging LinkedIn as a professional social media network and as a content hub, such as leveraging LinkedIn Publishing Platform to understand influential content that is shared and the people who are sharing them.
  • Tweeting at least 30 – 50 times a day while engaging influencers to increase the followership of our clients’ social media profiles; receiving multiple mentions and retweets in the process.
  • Posting several Facebook posts each day and finding new ways to leverage Facebook for professional and business purposes.
  • Implementing Social Media SEO tactics aligned with our clients’ keyword and SEO strategies.
  • Working within Hootsuite, Moz, FollowerWonk, and other social media tools.
  • Writing articles about B2B Social Media Marketing for echogravity’s inbound marketing blog.
  • Conduct competitive analysis studies on client competitors, including digital footprint analysis.


A few reasons why you’d want to work at echogravity and confirm whether you’re a good fit for this position:

  • You are self motivated, hungry for a challenge, and looking to make an immediate impact.
  • You are fully entrenched in social media culture and understand the fine line of managing a professional, but effective social media presence.
  • You want to work hard and be part of a fun, growing company.
  • You balance your life with work as you see fit (as long as you are fully dedicated to the role).
  • You like working from home… even in your pajamas at times.
  • You have an advanced understanding of web technology and how it supports marketing.
  • You like writing and are good at it, and have strong proofreading capabilities.
  • You have strong marketing foundational knowledge.
  • You like to analyze complex business challenges and come up with creative ways to solve them.
  • You are organized and can work independently.
  • You like to buck the status quo.
  • You like having a variety of challenges and touch on all facets of marketing.
  • It never gets boring and you will learn more than you can imagine.
  • There are no work politics or BS to sift through. Our focus is solely on client success.
  • Your attention to detail is impeccable. You produce a work product that requires little modification. You are almost a perfectionist.
  • You are a better than average math student and can navigate numbers and formulas quickly when required.
  • You understand how to analyze metrics/data, and how to segment and report it in a logical fashion to clients.
  • You are even tempered, understand how to deal with clients, and have an over-the-top customer service attitude.
  • You check your ego at the door and are always open to constructive feedback. If you take things personally, you’re not a fit.
  • You are an extroverted, very social person. You love interacting with ALL kinds of people and getting to know new people.
  • You are smart, creative, accountable, willing to go the extra mile, and really “get it”. If you don’t understand this bullet, you aren’t a fit.


Requirements of the Job:

  • Graduated with 4 year degree with focus on Marketing or Journalism from a reputable university.
  • 2+ Years of Social Media Marketing experience in a corporate marketing or agency marketing role.
  • 2+ Years of Social Media Marketing in a B2B capacity. In other words, the primary target audience you’ve been chatting up on social media over the past couple years are business people, professionals, decision makers, and industry thought leaders.
  • 2+ Years of Social Media Marketing experience on all major social media platforms – LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, and SlideShare.
  • Verifiable examples of social media marketing successes and wins.
  • Work as a full time employee remotely from your home office, which can be anywhere in US. We need someone who’s dedicated, and “working on the side” won’t cut it.
  • Impeccable attention to detail.
  • Exceptional business writing skills and can visualize as well as convey a message into relevant and interesting content.
  • Expert level skills in using and navigating social media networks’ native web apps, 3rd party social media tools, and “the internet” to run it all.

We are very selective in who we hire. Our expectations are high because we only deliver the best to our clients.


Is this you? Just tell us why and attach a resume. We’d love to kick up a conversation.


About echogravity

echogravity serves as an all-in-one marketing team for our clients in B2B industries, including Professional Services, Managed IT Service, Technology Consulting, Staffing and Recruiting, Software, and Business Process Outsourcing . We span the complete spectrum of marketing skills – web design, web development, content generation, campaign management, email marketing, SEO, Social Media, and lead generation.


We are accountable for clients’ marketing results and we hold ourselves to the highest marketing standard for the outcomes we promise. The culture and fabric of our existence lies in the success of our clients. Acting as if our clients’ companies are our own is a mentality we work very hard to embody. We love our clients, and our clients love us for believing in them and consuming their brand identity in every distinctive way possible.


To learn more about this position, visit or contact Kevin O’Brien at or 847-960-3302.