Brian Jameson - echogravity
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Brian Jameson

Photo Oct 27, 9 33 30 PM

Partner & Co-Founder

Brian is one of the driving forces behind echogravity.

He graduated from Illinois State University with a marketing major and computer science minor, and quickly caught the attention of future cofounder Kevin O’Brien, who hired Brian to sell IT Staffing and Consulting services. His career then took a path through the world of digital marketing and management before achieving his MBA and eventually reconnecting with Kevin to found echogravity. Having worked with hundreds of small and mid-sized businesses, Brian delivers effective marketing round after round.

Main responsibility: Leading the delivery team.

What you love most about your job: Change. The opportunity to learn new things every day.

What you love most about eg: The opportunity to work with amazing colleagues, and positively impact our clients’ businesses each and every day.

What you love doing outside of work: Traveling, weekend barbeques, working on my Spanish, reading books about the brain, and getting in some solid beach time.

Favorite quote: “If you want to change your life, you first have to change your reality.” – Shawn Achor

Worst job you ever had: Bag room boy at the local golf course. Start time was 6am, and I fell asleep a couple hours into my shift.

All-time hero: My mom because she is the strongest human being I know.

Your drink of choice: Anything that comes out of my espresso machine

Bands on your playlist/your Pandora station: Pretty much everything but country music… 311, Pink Floyd, Dan Black, Postal Service, Tribe Called Quest, Kid Cudi, Bob Marley, David Byrne, Outkast, Discovery, Soda Stereo, Tycho

Favorite book/movie: Fight Club

Words/motto you try to live by:  Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.  – Henry Ford

Your hidden talent: Herding cats

Your spirit animal:  Rooster (or so I’m told)